Vitamix 5300 – The Quietest Blender Ever for You Who Like Silent Blender

One of the quietest blender

As incredible as this equipment is, they have one slightly annoying quality: they’re extra loud. It’s really rare to find a blender which is categorized as “the quietest blender.”

With your a effective motor, these kinds of blenders blend in a much greater volume than traditional ones, which could be a surprise the very first time you utilize one.

Can there be anything that you can do about this? Well, this will depend on simply how much it really bothers you. Here are a few methods to mitigate the seem – from small changes to 1 big one.

can make some smoothie for you


  1. Move it from the wall.

Once the blender is stored within an enclosed space, the noise can bounce from the walls making it appear louder of computer really is. Put it in the center of your counter, a minimum of 2 ” from wall surfaces. This will slightly lessen the volume.

  1. Place it on the top of the dish towel or silicone pad.

Muffle the seem further by putting the blender on the top of the folded dish towel or perhaps a rubber or plastic pad or trivet. All of this help absorb a few of the noise in the motor.

  1. Blend the night time before.

I understand this is not a good solution, but yes, it’s a solution. If you are concerned that you are getting out of bed everybody surrounding you when you blend at 6 a.m. smoothie, maybe try which makes it in advance. Blend it the night time before, pour it within an airtight container just like a Mason jar, and each morning gives it a shake because it may have separated a little.

  1. Take serious measures.

Now, this really is if you are really desperate. The thing is, Vitamix really constitutes a blender known as “The Quiet One.” Oh, problem solved, you say? Less than – unless of course, you are up for spending over $1,000.

Or there is the Whisper Blend. This acrylic situation encloses your blender, completely shielding the seem, but at $199, will still be expensive.

Your last hope? Maybe some noise-reducing earmuffs. Or perhaps visit the local smoothie shop.

Nope, I found your hope for the no.4 solution!


I introduce you, Vitamix 5300 The Quietest Blender!

can make some juice too


The Vitamix make of blenders may be the blender of blenders.  I’ve had mine for many years ago and that I won’t dare spend it.

It’s truly offered me well!  With its superior motor, I’ve blended up a lot of green smoothies effortlessly.

And not just smoothies, I’ve made sorbets, nut pates, nut butter, nut flours, and also have even ground spices.  The Vitamix is really amazing and has been available since 1949.



no noisy at all

When you are making green smoothies or any variations smoothie you’ll need a blender which has a effective motor.  Getting a powerful motor ensures your blender are designed for the job of cutting with the vegetables and fruit you will be using to create green smoothies.

Inferior powered smoothies leave your smoothies clumpy and thick, however, the Vitamix 5300 blender can make your smoothies emerge perfectly each time.



It’s not only essential that you buy a high-powered blender, you also consider the caliber of the blades.  When they can’t endure tough vegetables and fruit, your smoothies won’t come out having a smooth consistency.

The Vitamix 5300 blender has blades which were particularly made to handle a number of tasks.  There are plenty of things this blender can perform apart from are the ideal smoothieAnd can chop vegetables like onions and garlic clove.  It may crush ice for that perfect margarita.  It can make soups and ice creams.


  • Simple to use
  • Variable Speed Control with Pulse Feature
  • Low Profile, BPA free 64-ounce container with spill-proof venting lid
  • Commercial-grade 2.2 horsepower motor
  • Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and mower blades
  • Supported by a 5-year full warranty and 30-day guarantee


Testimonials AND SCORES

I discovered 109 reviews on Amazon. com with this blender and contains a rating of four.7 stars, that is really near to a five-star rating.  85% of its users rate it at 5 stars.  One customer authored “it completely demolishes everything!”

Another customer stated she was “amazed through the masterdom!” She noted there have been no picky covers, no difficult cleanup, no 1000 pieces to keep an eye on also it fits under my cabinet.

Of all the reviews, there have been merely a couple of negatives.  A person who had been an earlier who owns the Vitamix 5300 which should be the quietest blender was disappointed using the cap and pushed stating there have been flimsy, but nobody else was not impressed with this selection.

But for now, Vitamix 5300 is the quietest blender in 2017. This series is perform better than another Vitamix series. If you want to check another the quietest blender and the another review, you can check on my favorite website, Blender Versus! Totally recommended to check in.


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